Saturday, 13 January 2018

My Painting Routine

Settling down to paint is always a tough one, why do we always procrastinate so much when it comes to creativity? Or maybe that's just me. But I have developed a little routine for when I need to actually sit down and paint!

The first thing is to set up my laptop in an appropriate place if I need to use it to see the reference picture (aka on the corner of my desk). I always then put on either an audio book or some music (or I turn the radio on).

Next up I make sure I have my phone nearby and turn my time tracker on. Whilst I'm cleaning my airbrush or spraying through water/cleaner I usually like to use my phone to Instagram in progress pictures of the piece I'm working on.

Next up make sure I actually have what I need, do I have toilet roll? Do I have any pipettes or are they still drying (or did they dry like a month ago and I haven't put them away yet), have I actually prepped the model I am painting? Do I have all my reference ready?

Got everything?

O wait we forgot coffee. I always make a cup of coffee before I start painting! Well I have to have something to accidentally dip my brushes into instead of paint water don't I? (this is why I tend to keep the coffee mug next to my laptop on my work desk instead of my painting desk, it's also why I use a jar for my paint water, not that that helps).

Then we are finally ready to paint. The thing with painting is I do tend to procrastinate a bit with it. The only times I actually seem to want to paint are when I can't. I always feel really inspired after live shows but then I get home and I'm tired and then I go to work the next day and urgh inspiration over.

That's why horses such as this one, my NaMoPaiMo horse just sit there for years without any work being done on them!

Which is why I think NaMoPaiMo is such a great idea, it forces you to actually finish those things you've been planning to work on or putting off!

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

I actually really like him primed, I kinda want a simple bone china one with no paint work, or only the harness painted. He looks like marble!

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