Thursday, 4 January 2018

Special Schleich

Schleich have added a selection of web specials to their website

First up is the Trakehner Stallion

Trakehner stallion (72136)

Then the Pinto Mare

Pinto mare (72138)

The Tinker Mare

Tinker mare (72137)

The Hanoverian Mare

Hanoverian mare (72135)

The Arab Stallion

Arab stallion (72134)

The Cowboy with Bull

Cowboy with bull (72120)

Lipizzaner care set

Lipizzaner Care (72130)

Three Raptors on the Hunt

Three raptors on the hunt (72128)

Haflinger Family in the Meadow

Haflinger family in the meadow (72131)

Home for Elephants

Home for elephants (72111)

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