Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Don't I Need Really Expensive Models to Win?

How many times have you heard this question or seen this point argued?

Too many to count for me.

Well to prove that you don't need expensive models and that some of the best horses only cost a few pounds here is my photo gallery of cheap champions

This is quite a small selection as I have to go to work and don't have time to go through hundreds of albums :p Hence why most at the beginning are from shows that begin with 'A' and then some random ones after when I realised this was going to take a long time :p

Enjoy :D

First up is a custom Peruvian Paso. I painted this guy so I know he was sold for £10.00!

A Schleich Donkey - approximate cost £4

Safari Icelandic - again probably between £4-10

A Breyer Mini Whinnie, approximate cost about £2-3

A Safari Shire - approximate cost £4-10

This one and the one after are the same model, above is at BMECS and below at Cantering Carousel. This guy was sold by Chestnut Ridge for £4.99.

He is the CollectA Curly Foal

Another one from Cantering Carousel - a great example because the OF section was one of the most competitive I've seen. This is a regular run Breyer GG Valentine. Approximate cost £30-40

One of my boys now, a Regular Run Breyer for a few years ago. Cost me around £30

And because I've run out of time this will have to be the last one. Another CollectA sold by Chestnut Ridge (the reserve to reserve to this guy was also a CollectA). Cost £7.50

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