Saturday, 17 February 2018

Creating the Live Show Scene

Every few years insanity takes over and I do a lot of crying over superglue and tiny bits of paper.

I highly recommend nobody ever does these things, it induces insanity, anger and moodiness. It makes you stressed and annoyed.

But 60 hours later you end up with something you are immensely proud of, yes it isn't perfect, yes there is still a lot I could do and add, but the amount of work and detail I have poured into this just fills me with joy.

This is why I love this hobby, creating tiny little miniature worlds that I can lose myself in :)

So here are some step by step pics and detailed pictures and descriptions on how I created it.

On the walls are displays like you would see in any village hall, each one had to be slowly put together. The cloud in this one was just paper with little bits of tissue stuck on!

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The noticeboards themselves were just printed and stuck on. Printables FTW!

The ring sign was also printed, the post it notes are cut up big post it notes. I used a really sharp pencil to write all the breeds on. For the class (which is 'Other American' in case anyone is curious) I laid one in front of each horse and then put discarded ones in the centre with other breeds on.

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Part way through the raffle table, just a selection of odd things at this point!

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The tables all had blankets, just cut up pieces of fabric which I glued down

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Every village hall has a picture of the Queen! So of course I had to add one :) Again just a printable

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The boxes were just things I found. The larger ones are boxes that held bits for my dremel (which are now in a draw....) and the smaller ones are what the little jockey and rider came in. Add some cut up bits of bubblewrap and perfect :D

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This is the box from the Jockey horse

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Most of the people are action figures. I got the Dr. Who ones off eBay, I knew they were to scale and had reasonably modern normal dress so were perfect!

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This is the whole scene put together for the first time. When I'm building these I block them out first then take them all apart and glue down!

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The horses were just cheap model railway ones from eBay. I learned from the model horse shop that the best way to do these was to put the bag next to my painting spot and everytime I have paint left in my airbrush just spray it on!

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You can see the other part of the Jockey horse box and also one of the pouches I made, just felt sewed together. I liked the idea of one person having a conga of horses because there's always one at every show!

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Here you can see the details on the table, most of these are printables. Obviously lots of detail here, all the certificates, results sheets, schedules and lists are to the same schedule and match, as do the BMECS cards of course.

The blusher brushes are the end of cocktail sticks that have been cut off and then coloured with sharpies!

The breed cards are just miniature versions of my own ones. The BMECS cards were photographed from the cards I have for my next show (which is the schedule I based it on) and then shrunk and printed, each one is unique, no duplicates. The ones on tables are signed and some have been filled in.

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The sitting dolls are just cheap dolls house ones, tea cups again cheap dolls house ones!

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My biggest expense was this jockey on horse, I love him so much! You can also see other details like a mobile phone (again printable) and raffle tickets (again printables)

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Every table is different, because we are all different at shows. This guy has shoved all his breed cards on his chair, he's also brought a Breyer to sell at lunch!

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I felt that Amy's table very much channelled the level of chaos I create at shows, certificates and breed cards everywhere, she's got no list because she forgot it, her bubblewrap is exploding all over the place, very me!

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I already had the coke bottles and crisp packets so I just added those in. I also made Amy a Starbucks cup and a MacDonalds bag!

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She has a sales horse on her chair next to her iPad! Again a printable

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And then the complete opposite, the perfectly organised person. The cups came with plates so I made some little cakes and biscuits out of milliput and painted them. She has two biscuits next to her tea, the people with the conga have a cake with a bite taken out!

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She's also got lots of pouches and her breed book of course!

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These cups were a nightmare! I will redo them at some point. Each one is filled with tiny little raffle tickets, as they would be at a real show!

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And of course some prizes, a trophy and a Breyer for the Supreme and some rather nice rosettes :D

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Laura complained that there was no Brandy, so I added a Spaniel

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The boxed Breyers are from a template you can get online and then just tied in with embroidery thread (well sewed in basically)

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All of these are printed/cut up. As you can see they are also partially filled in results sheets, a full running order/judging list, certificates, BMECS cards (each one unique) and post it notes :D

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The pens are also just cocktail stick ends, another printable here, the breed card

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Martha is judging and of course has signed her BMECS cards!

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I hope you enjoyed this :) I shall add some helpful links below so you can create some of the stuff for yourself!

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Tiny Plastic Horses

N Scale (small):

HO Scale (larger):

Breyer Box Printables:

My Pinterest Printables Board:

There are lots of details you can't see here and will just have to appreciate in person! Everything from plug sockets to tiny notepads.