Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Catching up on BreyerFest Special Runs

I can't believe it's nearly BreyerFest! The year seems to have flown by and I'm really behind in sharing all the awesome news and models with you guys. I've been a bad Blogger these last 12 months and I know it, feel free to shame me.

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But anyway, I shall now be a good Blogger and share with you loads of news and updates on this year's BreyerFest special runs, so enjoy :)

Single Day Stablemates




Toe Tapper

What a gorgeous selection this year? I want all of them! But particularly love Andante (and no not just because it's a mini Silver portrait)!

Special Runs








So who am I after? Well definitely Diana! But then I also kinda want Natasha because of who she is and also Quill because, well because it's QUILL!

Image result for quill guardians of the galaxy

(also mood right there)

Store Specials

Zipped in Black Magic



Hero's Salute Shop Reveal!

Officer Oliver

I actually like the store specials more than the special runs. Obviously I'm getting Rico (SILVER CONGA) but I'm definitely also going to get hold of Hal and 100% getting Officer Oliver, is he not the cutest little thing? AND HE'S SO FLUFFY!!!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this catch up. Which BF special runs are you going to be adding to your herd this year? And are you as "I'm just getting that because I love the character" as me or are you a normal human being?

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  1. Oooh, I can finally comment here now I've started a blog of my own, it's so nice to be able to respond not just read then wander off!
    My favourite of the little one-day SMs are Adante (cute mould but it looks very ponyish to me, like a stroppy little bratty one who thinks rearing is a way out of things it doesn't like!) and Toe Tapper just because hairy coloured cob and mini, what's not to like!
    I think Rocket is a gorgeous colour but really love Quill from the Trad selection (and did way back when he was the first Breyerfest I'd seen, so I hadn't guessed what theme they were going for on the names, meaning it can't be a Peter-Quill-loving bias for me!) I just love his pattern and it looks good on the mould. I do wish we could have something like that as a regular run one day cos I just can't afford the combination of price and shipping and customs fee, so all these are look-but-don't-touch models for me to admire and not plan to own, heh.